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OMG! I got around to posting that fic I was working on. First Chapter of MANY. Maybe this will prompt me to, like, work on the fic >_<

Cathexis: Chapter One

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Okay... I've been out of it for a while...  Busy with stuff... like life and stupid programming. (OMG... MACHINE LANGUAGE WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?) But I'll try to update. It'll be an early new year's resolution or something.

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Hi all... I've been working on lots of various things, some might even include fanfiction O_O! However, it's been so long that I thought I'd offer up another random attack of fanfiction recs.


Special Relationships
Author: insaneidiot
The Author has a fantastic description, but I don't like to plagiarize. Essentially, Hinata fangirls all over the concept of yaoi, boys are being their usual selves, and much fangirling is to be had. (It is a crackfic/drabble, so forgive me if I don't list the actual pairings...)

The Walking Dead
Author: TeaLeavesGreen
TeaLeaves Green does an awesome job of loving up our favorite weapons mistress. (It's actually kind of a gen drabblefic in spite of sounding like I'm advertizing a porno). Much love to TenTen ^_^

A Tomato and a Punch in the Face
Author: kantayra
Birthdays as seen from the POV of two really silly boys. (naru/sasu)

Outrageous Behavior
Author: aionaeon
Kakairu. Kakashi is outrageous, Iruka is puzzled, and Naruto has the last laugh. Mwahahhaa!

It Takes a Village
Author: aishuu
Genfic of the young shinobi of Naruto's generation. Most likely from the quote "it takes a village to raise a child", and so wonderfully, beautifully approps.

The Past and Future By Means of Myth
Author: premium_shaday
Minato/Kushina. I ADORE THIS PAIRING! ^_^! beautifully dreamy piece, side helping of Orochimaru, lovely mythology and an author whose stories just won't quit. Lovelovelove.

Five People Sakura Punches in the Face
Author: mercurial_wit
OMG, strong Sakura genfic! Much love to the idea, and OMG, she PUNCHES PEOPLE IN THE FACE. Do you know how awesome that is? Yay Shippuden!Sakura ^_^


um, it's been a while. I haven't gotten back into the swing of writing... I've let RL catch up hardcore.

However, I'm working on something new. I'm not sure I'll complete any of the stuff I already have going it's been so long since I last looked at it all. Also, I'm trying my hand at being a little more serious. How odd. I'll try to get back into it with drabbles, but we'll see how that goes. 

Here's the impetus for my new fic and a teaser/prologue for it below. (The prologue is a try at a new style... the rest of the fic is not like this at all.)


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Something more for y'all. Un-beta'd. It's been so long since I've posted even I thought I was dead.

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The second chapter... Unbeta'd, but for anyone who still reads this journal and my muse (Bagel-san).


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Okay, so I found this semi-old fic, and I wanted to offer up something for the unnatural dry spell of ficcage.

Title: Cunning Linguistics
Rating: PG-13 for now...
Info: Based on a challenge from Bagel-chan (god it's like we're married) who requested a Kakashi being all pretend linguistically challenged when he meets Iruka.



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This is for Bagel-chan who wanted a creepy Relena fic. It's not beta'd. Heh. (children are creepy, I hope I live up to the creep factor!)

Um... it's GW... I wanted to write something for Heero/Duo, but creepy little pacifists were following a cookie trail through my mind...

Warnings/Summary: Um, well, slight creep factor, some reference to cannibalism, and Dorothy. Because she deserves her own warning. (If you're going to leave your child in the woods, make sure you know why... and lock the door. Hansel and Gretel re-mix for Halloween.)
Rating: PG-13

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OMG... it's been so long since I've posted. I usually don't write "creepy", but Bagel-chan has been drawing, and it's halloween (my FAVORITEST holiday) and I come bearing ficcage which is fan-fiction (x2). It's Naruto-verse and for Bagel-chan's art. YAY! Okay. Well, that's it for now. I'll hopefully get to the one in the GW fandom... sometime.

Title: Helping the Hyuuga... an act in many parts.
Warnings: Um... crazy!Hinata? OMG... you mean it wasn't Hanabi this time? No explicit bloodshed, but it's kinda implied.
Rating: Um... H for Halloween? PG-13?
Summary: Hinata likes music.


Helping the Hyuuga... an act in many partsCollapse )
It's been a while since I tried my hand at a fic... mainly because I'm so busy writing for my RL stuff there's not a lot left over. This song: Lover I Don't Have to Love - Bright Eyes made me want to write a narusasu... but I have not yet succumbed to the ignominy of writing a songfic. Oh, the horror. UnBeta'd (however one spells that) and a lot of inanity.

Title: The Follower
Rating: R-ish I think. Not a lot of sex, but I guess I'll be safe because there's, like, alcohol and stuff.

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Okay... so I just watched the new arc, and am in love. LOVE. It may inspire writing later. As is I have a spoiler icon... because I couldn't sleep so I had to read all the most recent chapters after watching the timeskip arc. Chapter 338 is hot.

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Isn't it hard enough writing without the threat of a younger sibling coming up behind you and reading it without adding on the added disgrace of the fact that you're writing porn? My god.

Anyways, been suffering from serious writer's... something relating to a writing disease that saps out the creativity like a Canadian Lumberjack drains Canadian Maples of syrup. It's not pretty, but you can drink it later... or I get back into contact with my beta and some muse love.

Bleah. I made you think this was a real post with funny content about Kakairu, didn't I?

Okay, okay. Maybe I'll try another short... but it'll be short and stuff. so that means PG or something. Gah! PG! and it's probably not even blatantly Kakairu... and definately not beta-d.

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Haiku2 for kaneko-chan
the most beautiful
girl was the absinthe fairy
hey wouldn that be cool
Created by Grahame

Haiku2 for kaneko-chan
closet pg 13 for
curtains blowing in the breeze
Created by Grahame

Ooookay... so it's not a great start, but I have to get back into fanfiction. Yeah. Anyways, it's another crack-tastic fic where it was originally based on an old fairy tale, but cast with our favorite characters. Yes, I AM using the royal plural. So there.

Title: The girl  boy with a bowl on her his head
Disclaimer: Not mine, but you knew that.
Rating: light R
Characters: Kakairu, Saindaime (alive?!), Asuma, Kurenai, Gai... Nin-children.
Summary: Doesn't everyone have fairytales like this? Another blatant disrespect to Iruka's true gender. Sorry Iru-kun. (PS, Un-beta'd.)


Getting it off togetherCollapse )


Title: Mommy dearest
Category: General
Disclaimer: Not mine, if you don't know I don't own Naruto by now, then where have you been?
Characters: Hinata, Kiba, Shino, Tsume, Hana, Tsume's husband.
Summary: Where's Kiba's dad? (un-beta'd)
Rating: PG-13

But mommy...Collapse )
Never let it be said that religion doesn't do anything. It gives me lots of things to make fun of! This story is the result of less than five hours of sleep and sixteen hours of non-caffinated wakefulness. It's so un-beta'd it is not even funny. Okay, and it's shamelessly borrowed from a joke.

Characters: Iruka, mini-nins
Rating: PG... meh, probably G.
Summary: It's fall! Well, almost... and what better time for school pictures than the first week of school?

Falling into SchoolCollapse )

(Maybe it's funnier when they're not ninja...)
I have not posted in sooooooooooooo long. (yes, that many "O's" long) And I'm actually working on an Iruka-is-a-____ story, but it's taken a second seat to RL (no, not the title of a fic, Real Life). In the meantime, I found other fandoms, and other things that maybe people like. Yeah? This is all humor, btw. So nyeah. 

Needless to say, these are recs. Not my stuff. Because I'm just not as funny.


Diplomatic Relations


“Have it your way,” Lee said, unwrapping a few loops of bandages from around his hands. “But don't underestimate me.”
"Underestimate you?" Gaara looked up sharply, eyes narrowed. "You were the first person to have struck an actual blow against me. Ever. I have never underestimated you."
Lee blinked, touched by that recognition of his skills-
"That's why I came to kill you in the hospital afterwards,"


 Monkey Toes

Excerpt: (names added for clarity)
Relena: " do I know they want me."
Duo: "Huh?"
"Me me. Not Relena, Queen of Whatever."
"Didn't think of that. Damn. Well, they'll just have to pass the Gundam Gauntlet."
"Oh gods. I'm dying a virgin."

Trial and Error


"That's good to hear, Yuy." Wufei said slowly. "I don't want any enmity between us." His shoulders were still tense as he bent over his papers again.
"Fine." Heero nodded and sat down opposite his fellow preventer, on the other side of the kitchen counter. "If that's settled, I have a question, Chang."
Wufei looked up from his papers again as he sipped his coffee.
"Are you gay?"
Fortunately the papers Wufei was holding were not that important.

Totally random thingy:

How to aquire a wife
Okay. So I have a recent weakness for GundamWing. First attempt at being funny in the GW fandom, so... it's probably very crude and such.

Probably PG-13. It's so cute it made me ill to write it. Okay, well maybe not so cute, because of the blood, but... yeah. Okay, so I was probably sleep deprived when I came up with this. Don't sue me?

DrabbleCollapse )

The herder and the weaver… (an actual fairytale!)
Rating: PG-13 (because nothing happens, but Kakashi is in it)
Pairing: Kakairu
Disclaimer: not mine. If it were I'd have to be Japanese and male.



Onto the StoryCollapse )



Rating: PG-13 for curtains blowing in the breeze suggestiveness.
Pairing: Kakairu
Disclaimer: Not mine, except for the idea. 

Author's Notes/Summary: It's about Kakashi and Iruka's relationship from a different point of view. Ah, the crackfic drabblelife of anime characters.


The Classroom PetCollapse )